Friday, September 4, 2009

Soul Food (part 33)

The two symbols of today are my interpretations of symbols used by the aboriginals. The picture above is my symbol for friends gathered around the table. Love to have people around and share ideas, thoughts, just time together.

The symbol below is a boomerang. Aboriginals used it for hunting because the boomerang would come back to the hunter if they missed their prey. I don't see myself as a hunter but I do sent energy into the world and in one form or the other it's coming back. The boomerang is made of very soft felted merinowool just to raise my awareness to be gentle. Really like this symbol because it's a lifelong learning process.

Another week at Landanna has passed and I enjoyed myself with making pieces of felt, drawing, reading, visiting places and a lot of stitching. Thank you all for stopping by and for sending the lovely e-mails and nice comments, I enjoyed every minute with them.

Have a creative weekend and I'll see you monday.



Pursuing Art... said...

Love the friends gathered around your table. And, yes, you do send energy into the world...I can feel it!

Have enjoyed visiting and catching up with you. I hope you and your family have a delightful weekend!

Sending hugs to you...~Lisa

B said...

I love these two! Every time you post something, I love it more than the previous one! :)
Seriously, I specially like your interpretation of the boomerang. I definitely feel your energy.

karen said...

I love your desire to be aware of gentleness, what a lovely thought.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Your symbols and the thoughts which go along with them do touch me every time ... You are a very special person, Elizabeth, and you really do send good energy into the world!