Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Soul Food (part 32)

Today I want to show you three symbols who have absolutely nothing in common. First my bike. I bless the day I learned to bike. My bike is used every single day with joy. It gives me a sense of freedom. At one time I used my bike to move my stuff from one appartment to the other one, except for the furniture. On fridaynight, our car neatly parked at the frontdoor, I take my bike and bicycle to the groceryshop and get the things we need. What can I tell more, I just love to bike.

I'm a Taurus.

And although I see myself as a very patient person, I always think: What's next! Still need to learn a little bit more about just enjoying the moment.

Leaves me to say goodbye and you maybe thinking: What's next!!!

Just enjoy your day.



Pursuing Art... said...

I haven't taken a ride on my bike in a long time, but I love to ride. That is neat that the grocery is near and you can bicycle there. Love the symbol. Did you put your things in a backpack or basket when you moved?

I'm a Taurus too. :)

Enjoy the moments! XOXO ~me

julochka said...

what's next...i can definitely relate to that one. and i love my bike too. in fact, i'll soon be getting on it to go pick up sabin. feeling a little blue after blog camp ended and i think feeling the wind on my face while i bike is exactly what i need.