Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Soul Food (part 31)

This symbol took it's own turn. I have been drawing this symbol already for a long time. It is a heart which is drawn four time to make a four leaf clover. The result, no perfect four leaf clover but a perfect symbol. This symbol tells me the story of all the moments of deep felt happiness which last only a short time because energy keeps flowing around and altering constantly.

Here you see three swedish heart folded with handmade paper, on each is written a poem, which are very special to me. I'm not really good at this folding thing, it took me several hours and unfortunately the result is not as I imagined it. Still like the idea of the swedish heart with a poem on it , that is why I share this with you. Maybe you can do a better job with your favorite poem or quotation.

Have a creative day.



tangled stitch said...

I love the clover, it's beautiful and the folded heart is exquisite. Love the words that went along with it too. So glad you are back to inspire me.

Pursuing Art... said...

Beautiful, Elizabeth! The four leaf clover and it's meaning and the swedish heart too...I think it turned out lovely!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Love the way you've woven the hearts with poem written paper! A poetic idea indeed!

And I think you did it very well - I've tried weaving paper hearts for Christmas and it took quite some time before I worked it out, too!