Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A new teacher

Today I want to share something special because I learn so much from my creative journey and I want to pass on one of the treasures. Well here we go.

Monday night I dreamt about stones with holes and crocheting. I made Pinky and one other covered stone during the Julie project last april but other than that I never had an interest to explore this road. And despite the fact that I can't remember the particulars of my dream I felt the need to do something with it yesterday. So I took a medium stone with a hole and started crocheting. While I was crocheting all kinds of thoughts swirled around. Each time the stone became another word for life. One of the thoughts was that a crochet pattern is like a habit. I needed to adapt the pattern if I wanted to cover the stone. Life also calls sometimes for changing habits because otherwise you can't get were you want to go. Now I 'only' have to figure is this a general idea of is there a habit that isn't serving me anymore.

Later on, while I was done with this stone I realized something different. If you see yarn as time and the stone as life, the hole becomes a wound which heals in time but it remains always a soft spot. Why? The yarn fills up the hole.

Maybe all of this doesn't make any sense to you but I have to say that I am really happy with my new symbol, with my new teacher.

Have a wonderful day filled with the teachers of mother nature.



tangled stitch said...

Makes sense to me. Funny I've been crocheting a lot too. Must be something soothing and comfortable about it. Blessings to you and I love how you crocheted around the holes in rocks making them whole.

julochka said...

i love this so much (i keep starting with that)! and it reminds me that i simply MUST get going on crocheting. and i must get better at acting on those snippets of inspiration that strike me at the moment they strike.

Pursuing Art... said...

~Smiling~...we do have to adapt to changes in our life or change habits...can you imagine if we couldn't?

The wound remains soft...why? I think because all wounds, even though healed, remain tender...kind of like the heart.

If our eyes, mind and heart are nature teaches us wonderful things...beautiful crocheted stone, E!!