Thursday, September 3, 2009


The fall is right around the corner. The darkness is creeping in and so it is time to visit new places, meet new people and be inspired. Here are some recent discovered places with lovely people and their inspirational work.
  1. Anita. Anita makes bowls with paper, she writes in Danish and English.
  2. Scott. This site is made by Mary and is about the gorgeous work of Scott Marr
  3. Anthony. A dwelling of an architect with his reflections of the world
  4. Richard. A blog for for gorgeous landart and here you can see even more
  5. Sara's new blog
Have a day filled with inspiration.



tangled stitch said...

I'm only stopping in but tomorrow will come back and look at all the lovely blogs!

Pursuing Art... said...

Thanks for sharing these links, Elizabeth! ~Lisa

julochka said...

LOVE sara's blog! so much inspiration!! thank you for that!