Monday, August 31, 2009

Soul Food (part 30)

Today our journey continues and this is already the 30th post about this project. When I started Soul Food I had no idea it would take me this long but another mark has been crossed 2/3 of the project is done. I'm still very motivated and learning a lot while travelling.

After I made the symbol for my two children I thought my husband should also have his own symbol. He is a chemical engineer and therefore I took the chemical symbol Au which stands for gold.

The last symbol is another way to symbolize a conversation. Somehow the word conversation and the meaning of it has a cycle of returning to me. Feel like I'm not done with picking my mind to understand this process.

Tomorrow we continue our talk and I show you something different.

Have a lovely day while listening to whispers.



Mary said...

The suitcase is very relevant to me at the moment.

And of course I immediately thought of Australia when I saw "AU" !!!

julochka said...

i like the conversation symbol very much and think it bears more pondering.

i've found myself thinking about IM conversations and how they become very disjointed (there's something i like about that)...i wonder how they would look. maybe trying to visualize will be my creative act for today.

i think it's lovely that you chose the chemical symbol for gold for your husband.


Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, I like all three symbols.

The suitcase is so perfect for your journey. Amazing that you are 2/3 done.

You picked the perfect symbol for your husband!!!

Conversation symbol is beautiful...think about it more.