Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Soul Food (part 24)

Last night I reached a new milestone in my Soul Food project. This means that you have a better overview on how large this piece is. At earlier photo's you already could see how width this cloth is, now you can also see the length. There are 101 blocks left which means that some time next week 2/3 will be done. If everything goes according to plan Soul Food will be finished in October.

Now it is back to work for me because my to do list of yesterday isn't finished yet.

Have a sunny day filled with lovely work.



Mary said...

It really is the most amazing piece of work and a record of your thoughts this year..

karen said...

this is a gorgeous piece of work, it will be wonderful when it's finished.

Pursuing Art... said...

It is so cool to see a whole picture so far. It is a beautiful quilt that is filled with your heart and soul...I love it! What a treasure it will be for you and your family.

Have you decided how you are going to finish it? Backing, batting, and top...stitched? I've enjoyed the journey and you sharing! XO