Monday, August 17, 2009

Soul Food (part 23)

A new week with a large to do list. First I'm gonna write about my two symbols of today. The first symbol is the symbol of the small pebble thrown into the water. More and more I see the affect of a very small decision/action on my part and the consequences it has in my life. This is the reminder of it.

This is one pebble which is thrown already some time ago. The initial action was reading the interview of Jim Houser in Fecalface. The result so far is my first painting: Cool Blues and this project Soul Food. Can you trace back your own pebbles? What was the effect of it?

So my favorite task is done, now the rest. Have a great day.


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Pursuing Art... said...

Great symbols E! Love the pebble and the ripples in the water. I agree...all our decisions or actions have consequences.

The second symbol is wonderful...look at the blocks built from than one pebble. I remember cool blues...I love that piece and and Soul Food...the best so far.

Hmmm...thinking about my own pebbles and their effect! ;-)