Friday, August 14, 2009

Soul Food (part 22)

This symbol is a symbol that has a large impact on my everyday life. The symbol stands for no gluten, as you know I'm not allowed to eat them. I will give you an example of the impact. We were on holiday with a tent, which means no chance to bake bread. We took our homebaked bread and cake with us but it's impossible to take so much with you that it lasts for three weeks. So after about week we (my son and I) had to start with ricecrackers. Of course there is bread available that is packed, etc. that it will stay in 'good' shape for a year. But that is not really my idea of yummy. So I lost a few pounds, not that it was neccesary, my weight now is 54 kg. But these pounds will be gained back easily because I can't stay out of the kitchen at the moment.

This is a fun symbol. I wanted to included my two sons in Soul Food because having children is changing you forever. My first thought was flowers, but that felt boring to me. So children stayed on my list without a symbol. During the first weeks of their schoolholiday they started some computergame with puffles. They couldn't and still can't stop talking about these little creatures. So here are my two puffles which I love so dearly.

Hope you enjoyed the return to Soul Food as much as I do. It is wonderful to be stitching again.

Have a great weekend with lots of sunshine and I'll see you monday.


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Pursuing Art... said...

Great symbols for you, but I adore your two puffles with the hearts!!! I bet the boys enjoy that square and what it represents too!

I am having the best time visiting and reading. Just love your quilt! ~me