Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday night special

Something different today. It is warm and sunny here in Danmark for the last few days. So I thought let's share some images of a walk we made during the holidays on Fyns Hoved.

The pictures are taken by my husband because I'm way to busy with looking around, picking up small stuff and holding an eye to the kids.

Before I wish you a great weekend click here. Why? Than you hear a fantastic song by Alvin Lee called Bluest Blues.

Have a fabulous weekend filled with friends and creativity. See you monday.



tangled stitch said...

Welcome back and thanks for the lovely photos! They are beautiful!

B said...

I love that you are too busy looking around to take pictures... very refreshing! Sometimes we forget to look with our eyes, rather than the lenses!

Pursuing Art... said...

Beautiful pictures! It's so fun to see your part of the world. Would love to go for a walk on that beach.

I couldn't help but sound like me...busy looking around and finding treasures! :)

Love the Bluest Blues...Ten Years After. We have a few of their old albums.

Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth!