Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Soul Food (part 20)

As promised I give an update on Soul Food. This journey is getting more and more interesting to me, it is almost like writing the story of my life. A new milestone has arrived I'm halfway with Soul Food.

This picture shows the left upperside.

This one shows the left bottom.

And this last one is the right side.

This detailpicture shows a cocoon and a butterfly as a dualsign for the process of transformation. There is some sort of transformation going on. Let me tell you something funny. During my teen years, a long, long time ago, I started with wearing oversized clothes. Sometimes super oversized, sometimes just oversized. What changed? I started to wear clothes that fit. My body is no longer a hatstand for clothes anymore. Almost all the oversized stuff has left my closet. This is probably food for some therapist. For me this is a little, big miracle, what an embroidery-process can do for ones soul !!!

This is my attempt to embroider a bridge. A bridge is a crossing, to get from one side too the other. A bridge stands for support, a helping hand. And than there is Bridge over troubled water of Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon.

Before I leave you I want to share two songs with you because everybody needs some music in their life. The first one is from BB & friends, the second one from the brothers. The meaning of this combination is to rock the world to peace. ENJOY !!!

I'll be back the 11th of August with stories and pictures.