Friday, June 19, 2009


Yes, I did it. This one is mine.

This green belt is mine. Last night, after almost two years of training, I succeeded to get my green belt in taekwondo. The last few weeks I have been practicing all the different taeguks and techniques. In the theory-exam I had 0 mistakes, yes. I'm really happy all of this. There is one downside though I have to write this while laying in my bed. During the fight last night, one of the disciplines, I got hurt and I can't walk at the moment because of an 'illegal' attack on my ankle. But this will pass and my green belt stays. Now the training-season has come to an end but will start again in August.

I want to thank all the visitors of Landanna for stopping by and everyone who held the crossed fingers and toes crossed.

See you next week, but before I leave you I have another confession to make. I love Disco underworld because all the great interviews with artists I otherwise maybe never would have met. Now Stacey has another fabulous idea, you can read all about it if you click on the picture below the about me section.

Have a great weekend and say hello to Stacey for me. Bye.



julochka said...

super! congratulations on the green belt, tho' sorry to hear about the ankle.

and i'm happy to see you got the picture gadget working. :-)

happy weekend!

karen said...

well done! Now I know where to come if I ever need a bodyguard!

Just Jules said...

congrats on the belt (hope your ankle continues to heal) I have a son who is almost to his jr. black belt I understand the dedication it takes!

Pursuing Art... said...

Sweet Elizabeth...congratulations! You should be proud of yourself!!! I'm so sorry about your ankle though...I hope it is better by now. ~Lisa ;-)