Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Soul Food (part 10 )

Today another overview because I still had a few blocks from last weekend to show and the blocks I made this week.

Last night I realized that the part I was finishing up you could read like a comic-book which describes my meditation-proces. Start reading at the tree above the candle. This tree is always on my left side and stands for meeting place. The horse is standing behind me on the left side for me it's just a comforting feeling that he is there. Meditation is for me a way to get my spiral of life in order again. The fallen tree-trunk is the place where I sit down and look over the water and see the mountains. The dark forest on the right I haven't embroidered. It is like on the left I have a space I know and feel myself very comfortable, on the right is the unknown.

And this is my train, the one that brings me there were I need to go, my red thread, my anchor for over 15 years already. The steam he gives is a cloud filled with dreams. For me dreams and meditation are a great way to communicate.

And now the last two blocks. Look at these two, they look very different and you know what they are made in the same buttonholestitch. For me that is very cool.

That's all for today.
Have a day filled with wonder.



Pursuing Art... said...

Hi have been busy. The quilt is looking just BEAUTIFUL!

I love all that you shared on this day...especially the train and the cloud above filled with dreams!

I enjoy learning about the symbols you are stitching. They are all parts of you and your life...what a journey!

Heading back to see and read what I have missed.

Hope you are having a wonderful day too.


B said...

I really like the train. I think it's my favourite so far (do I say that every time you post something?)

karen said...

this is developing in an enchanting, delicate way, lovely!