Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Soul Food (part 8)

Good morning everyone. A fantastic, long weekend filled with lots and lots of sunshine has come to an end but a new week lies ahead. So let's start. Today just one picture but with four small blocks. On the left below is the peace sign, a symbol you probably all know, made in a backstitch variation. On the right below my version of helleristninger symbols, it is representing the elk. It is made in the same stitch as it's partner on the left.

On the right above you'll see the mysterious lynx in a cross-stitch and than the last one for today. You can see what it is, right a tree and it symbols wind, my kind of logic. It is made with a millefleurstitch and a backstitch. This symbol is from the book Listen to the wind.

Now I hurry back to work because an exam is waiting for me and some studytime is planned for today.

See you tomorrow have a wonderful day.


1 comment:

Pursuing Art... said...

I like them all, but am so fond of the peace sign and the tree in the wind...lovely, Elizabeth!

It's so fun to visit and see what more you have accomplished. It's like reading a good book...a small chapter at a time.

Happy stitching...~Lisa ;-)