Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Soul Food (part 17)

These two blocks are special. The one on the right is a house as you can see. Up til now I lived at 16 different places. Last year while we were painting, putting the wooden floor in and cleaning the place up in the latest edition something funny happend. My husband and I started talking about how long we would live here and what we would want for our new new house. Really, we still had to move in. So the relation house - home is different for me than for someone who grew up in one place. The word home for me is a feeling of contentment. When I'm really busy with something that holds meaning to me and I accept all my experiences (instead of worrying about ....) I get a warm, awesome feeling. It is that feeling that I call home.

Now the second one. If there is one word that fits really well with me it is homemade. You know already a part of my homemadepassion but there is something else that I haven't mentioned before. My other passion is cooking and baking. This started long ago when I read the little house books and Heidi. Just loved to read the passages were they were making dinner and the passages of eating, I ended up in the kitchen each time and my skills have grown ever since. Five years ago I was really very happy with the skills I had been building up over the years because I found out that my body was very sick. Which means that for the rest of my life I need to stick to a diet, I have celiac disease. The transition was made very easily and for me it is easy enough to stick to it because I feel so much better.

And now that I mentioned cooking I want to share with you my favorite cookbook of all times. (I can't let the opportunity pass.) It is called Country Harvest and written by Rosamond Richardson and Linda Burgess. Do you want the recipe for the best blackberry-vinegar? Yeah, you do. Well, here it is:

4 tsp of clove
2 pieces of cinnamon about 7,5 cm long
6 dl of organic applevinegar
1 kg sugar
1 kg blackberries

Put everything in a pan except the blackberries and let it boil softly until 5 minutes after the sugar has dissolved. Add the blackberries and let them boil in the liquid very gently for 10 minutes. Let the fluid cool down, put it through a sieve and now the last fase of this easy recipe, to put the vinegar in a bottle. You can use it as a salatdressing, to marinate meat or to add some delicious flavour to your own homemade gravy.

So now you know what I will be doing in August and September, berry picking.

This are all the revelations for today. Hope you will have a fantastic day and I'll see you tomorrow.



B said...

Lovely, as always. Living in a different country from the one I was born in, I really struggle with the concept of home, but lately, home is where my projects are (my sewing, my art journal) and, of course, where my books are.
I'm not a great cook, but my boyfriend bakes and the smell really makes me feel at home too.

Pursuing Art... said...

Hi Elizabeth...I'm so happy to see a home and homemade symbol on your's perfect! I like your definition of what home means to you. It really is what lies in our heart. Peace is home and home is where the heart is.

I love to cook and bake too. It's so fortunate that you were building your skills when finding out that you were sick and needing to change your diet. I'm grateful that you can feel better, stay healthy and live with this by sticking to a diet. I bet you are a wonderful cook! Do you and your husband have a garden or grow some of your own vegetables?

Thank you for your *gift* and sharing the Blackberry-Vinegar recipe. It sounds delicious and I would LOVE to try it! We have lots of blackberries in Oregon. I bet it makes a wonderful salad dressing...YUM!!!

Hugs to you...~Lisa

Stacey Childs said...

Being a bit of a mover and an eater myself, I always say "Home is where the next meal is"!

Thanks for your encouragement on the imaginateif.blogspot too, I will keep you informed on how I go!

Mary said...

The thing that really grabbed me about this post is your mention of the Little House and the Heidi books - i loved those books so much as a child!