Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Soul Food (part 16)

Today I want to give you a new overview. This Soul Food piece is growing slowly but surely. Althought it will be another couple of weeks until it is ready, a new milestone is passed. The milestone is to make an overviewpicture and still fit every symbol in. That is no longer possible for me, of cause I can take it from a larger distance but than the soft colors are fading away. So I need to learn to take photographs differently and glue them digitally together. A new challenge I have to master before the time I do the next overview.

During the rest of the week I will tell you about the two blocks that are very special to me together with something delicious, about the challenge from B and if all goes well something completely different but very exciting for me on friday. Keep your fingers crossed because I'm gonna need that.

Hope you will have a wonderful day filled with your own special creative endaevours.



Pursuing Art... said...

Hi Elizabeth...I'm catching up today and looking forward to seeing your progress.

Oh, I didn't think about the quilt getting so large for a photo and still being close enough to see!

I'm anxious to hear about the challenge from B and what you are going to share on Friday. All my fingers and toes are crossed! ;-)

Pursuing Art... said...

P.S. For goodness sake...I forgot to say how BEAUTIFUL the quilt is looking!!! I do love seeing the overview photo...it's wonderful!