Friday, June 12, 2009

Soul Food (part 14)

Today's post is inspired by the list of simple things I made earlier this week. It was than that I realized that music and quotes were not included yet. So that is changed now and two dear blocks are added too my Soul Food project.

Hope you will have a fantastic weekend, see you monday.



B said...

Great! I just love how this is coming together, and how things you do (like your list) influence it one way or another. Still going through your listening list!

John said...
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Mary said...

That was weird - I got signed in as someone else!! So all I wanted to say was how wonderful that quote was..

Elizabeth said...

Hej B,
Hope you have fun listening. Sometimes I think I don't have enough symbols, but that isn't it. Just need something to remind me of them.

Hej Mary,

I was almost in shock, a comment from a man, wow!!! For me is embroidery such a female thing. But I'm grateful it was you.

Have a wonderful weekend you two.


Corinne, said...

Hey Elizabeth, I admire your beautiful stichery every time I come on here and forget to say hi.
I really like the theme behind it, so personal yet everyone can relate to it. Take care x

Pursuing Art... said...

Just have to have a block for the music in your life and I love the quote! ;-)