Monday, May 11, 2009

What's for dinner?

It feels so long since I did my last post. First a couple a friends came from the Netherlands to visit, we had a lovely time but my body was given the first signals of influenza. Sick or not I had to take care of the rest of the family who also became ill. I hardly worked the influenza out of our house or another bunch of friends came for some days. That was great, the weather was gorgeous which means beach/fishing time. But now it is monday morning again, peace has been restored and I can spent some time with you guys for which I'm grateful. First let me thank you for the hot soup and all the kind thoughts you sent me, it was a wonderful medicine. Thanks a lot.

This week I want to start with a project I have been thinking and working on for a long time. Thinking about it started in mid january when I read/saw a post from Cathy with her spoons. This is the comment I wrote:"The spoons are gorgeous. You did an excellent job. It is kind of a statement to use pages of a literary novel because it raises awareness of on all the things that we are “eating” everyday."

The thing about "eating everyday" is something that keeps coming back to me. So much information and images, wanted or unwanted, are entering my daily life. Do I want to hear this? Do I want to see this? Do I want to be influenced by all that is aired one way or the other? How can I protect myself from this overload? The result of all of these thoughts is this spoon of felt. The spoon is made of three colours of woollen felt, red, yellow and orange. I choose these colors for this pin because I want to feed myself with energy, optimisme, friendship.

Some old habits are gone, some new arrived. It is a slow process but at least my awareness is rising of what society puts on my plate.

Have a monday filled with good stuff.



Mary said...

It's true. We are so inundated with information.

I like to sit out on my back verandah and look at the gum trees and the blue sky (or the mist) and still my mind.

tangled stitch said...

I love the felt spoon! Such creativity spurred on by reality.

Pursuing Art... said...

Hi Elizabeth,

So glad you are all feeling better now!

I love your felt spoon and what it stands for. Keep feeding yourself with energy, optimism and friendship! ~Lisa

Mommyaulait said...

AHH How did you make that spoon? I gotta 3yo with a spoon fixation. I'm tired of getting whacked by the spoons & shovels that he carries around. Can you point me in the right direction to figure out a pattern? Thank you!