Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Soul Food (part 1)

Today I proud to present the first four blocks. Each block is marked with a running stitch to outline them and is filled with something symbolic.

For the first block I used a stemstitch. This stitch I also used a lot in my two books, Mystery and Listen to the wind.

With the drop of water I used a variation on the running stitch.

This one is made in the stemstitch again.

And the unique diamant of felt is sewed on with a buttonhole stitch.

Maybe you are wondering why I name the stitches I used, something I normally don't do. Well I get some questions sometimes about the stitches I use in a particular piece. It is very difficult to remember for me which stitch I used when. This piece will consist of 238 blocks and remembering each stitch is an impossible task for me. Therefore this small service for all your embroidery-lovers and my brain.

I decided not to explain each symbol but to give you the chance to give meaning to the symbols yourself. If you really interested in knowing the meaning I give to a particular symbol please ask.

Have been stitching all night and listening to the most beautiful music, a little taste of my soul food. Have a fantastic weekend and hope to see you monday.


Last night just before I posted this I listened to the concert of the Eagles, Hell freezes over. It was a wonderful concert and I'm very glad I heared it. Tonight I found out that it is banned. I'm sorry for this.


Pursuing Art... said...

Elizabeth...this will be so fun to watch you stitch and create! I know it will look great when it is complete!

Happy stitching and hugs to you my friend...~Lisa

karen said...

Lovely work Elizabeth, x

tangled stitch said...

Beautiful job Elizabeth. I love it and can't wait to see the next one!