Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Soul Food (part 3)

Today I have four small symbols four you. I photographed in such a way that you can see where I added them. The first two are the double cross and the bat both done in a backstitch variation.

The third one is special because that is my symbol of friendship, inspired by you. Two people meeting, the connection is a circle and the feelings they have for one another is spread in energy around them. Hopefully is it contagious so that other people would like to join or create a friendship like that for themselves. The circle is made in a stemstitch and the energywaves are made in bullion knot. The two people are made in a grensting. That is the Danisch name, unfortunately I cannot find the english name for it. So if you happen to know the English name than I'll hope you will share this with me.

The last symbol of today is a word written in runen, variation of the backstitch. It is the first time I write runen in purple and I have mixed feelings about it because they are always written in black or red.

Hope you like the symbols, have a wonderful day without thunderstorms.

See you soon.



Mary said...

I am absolutely loving this!

Pursuing Art... said...

I love these symbols! I especially adore the third one for friendship...isn't it wonderful to find friends that are kindred spirits. I'm grateful that our paths have crossed...it is a pleasure to see what you create.

Grensting really bugged me and I love research. I think it may mean branch (like a tree) or point!??

I didn't know that runen was always written in black or red. I think it is okay that you chose purple...it is your heart art. May I ask what word you stitched? If it is private, I totally understand.

This is such a fun project and I'm so looking forward to watching it grow and seeing it complete. What a treasure it will be!

Sorry you are having thunderstorms...good day then to stitch.

Omhelzingen...~Lisa ;-)