Thursday, May 14, 2009

Meeting your past

This is one of the photocopies I got from Anneli. It was more than love at first sight. When I saw this piece of craftmanship I totally got absorbed by it, had to remind myself to breath. Maybe you think, Why? You all know that I can be carried away by symbolism, so now and than. This time I was run over by a truck. Because it felt like a kind of a mirror. The seed, the road of life and life blossoming but than the past gets in the way. The seed cannot blossom fully because of some hurdles that need to get cleared away.

So you understand that I had to make this piece. Used the woollen cloth and the linen yarn I got from Anneli. Have no idea what the runen signs mean but I loved stitching them.

If your symbolism-button tells you something differently, please let me know. Just love to hear your explanation.

Have a fantastic thursday!!!


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Pursuing Art... said...

What a neat design! You did a beautiful job stitching it...I wonder what the rune signs mean. You could maybe research the runic alphabet and maybe translate what was written on that would be fun to know. ~Lisa ;-)