Monday, May 18, 2009

Jim Houser

This journey in blogosphere started for me with Jim Houser. When I saw his artwork for the first time I fell in love head over heals. Started collecting photo's and interviews that were shared on the net and spent many happy hours looking and reading about the man and his artwork.

Last saturday a parcel arrived. My husband had bought me: BABEL. Babel contains a small interview with Jim and lots and lots of photographs of his artwork.

So this weekend was my Jim Houser-weekend. I spent hours looking, thinking, gazing, some reading, pondering over things, just being totally absorbed by it. Just love his choice of color, the text that totally blends in and his symbolism which I totally don't grasp.

So you lucky one's who live in Philadephia you can find his work at the gallery of Shelley Spector. For the rest of us, well we have the internet and we can find his latest work here.

Have a colorful day with lots of inspiration.


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Pursuing Art... said...

How sweet of your husband to buy you this book and what a nice weekend you must have had. I'm sure you will cherish it. Thank you for sharing. ~Lisa ;-)