Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Inspiration brought by a friend

Another parcel arrived on my doorstep the other day, a very large envelope filled with the most amazing goodies.

There were a lot of colours.

A lot of lovely things for embellisments.

All kinds of linen, cotton and woolen fabrics.

A book to learn a little bit more about calligraphy.

And the most amazing photocopies of helleristninger and all kinds of scandinavian art. What can I say too all of this? THANK YOU, ANNELI.

Have a wonderful day and run for the mailbox, who knows!!!!



B said...

Beautiful! I love the calligraphy book!

Pursuing Art... said...

How exciting Elizabeth! What LOVELY treasures from Anneli! You are a *LUCKY* girl! ~Lisa ;-)

dutchbaby said...

Ik vind de Austria postzegel heel mooi.

Ik ken die calligraphy boek; het heeft vele goede ideeen en de letters zijn mooi gemaakt.