Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Colours of the sea II

Last week I gave Colours of the sea too Marjoleine because I know how much she loves shells. Afterwards there was an empty spot on my windowsill. Had to make something, so I decided to make another colours of the sea. This time in the shape of a drop of water with a piece of embroidery in it. The circles stand for the air that is in the water, I imagined that the air was filled with a loving nourishment for the fish and those that enjoyed the water.

All the shells are found here on the beach, even that beautiful white one. The airbubbles I made with linen, silk thread and unfelted merinowool with the technique that is Karen's specialty.

So my windowsill is filled again with colours which are so dear too me. Hope you will have a day with sunshine and love in the air.

See you tomorrow.



julochka said...

so when are you going to open an etsy shop?

love the airbubble bit. :-)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the encouragement and I'll keep the etsy-shop in mind. Until than you can always ask for a piece you want.

Enjoy the sun!!!

Mary said...

It is truly beautiful...


Pursuing Art... said...

Just love the colours of the sea, Elizabeth...beautiful!

dutchbaby said...

Ik vind die blauwe schelpen zo prachtig! Het zou ook een hele mooie ketting maken. Goedzo!