Friday, May 29, 2009

Soul Food (part 7)

This is a large block which is called Blinded by love. This symbol appeared for the first time when I created Mystery last year. It feels very appropriate now because I'm totally blinded by my love for this piece, every minute is filled with thoughts and stitches. Wonderful butterflies are carrying me through this process. I'm so grateful that I'm able to let this happen.

Here a detailed picture, so you can see the body made in a backstitch variation in two colors and two kinds of threads: silk and cotton. The cotton in this piece is actually very thin crochet yarn. For the heart I also used two colors and the variation of silk and cotton. Both sides are stitched in a pekinese stitch. On the right side I used a soft pink as a base, on the left side the brighter pink. The real beauty is that the cotton and silk threads with exactly matching colors are given it a wonderful flavour for the eye.

I'm off stitching again. Have a lovely day filled with sunshine and I'll see you soon.

Soul Food (part 6)

A new small block. The name for it is Wall and is done in a backstitch variation. This is a special wall because it has no foundation and is based on a small part of the speech Randy held at Carnegie Mellon. If you never heard this speech and you have the time to watch it, I'll promise you this, you will be inspired.

A week has gone by, a lot of stitches have been made and this is a picture of the journey so far. I enjoyed myself immensely and I want to thank everyone for stopping by and leaving such wonderful comments and heartfelt e-mails.

Now it is time for me to continue this journey, more than enough ideas and cloth to put them on.

See you soon.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Soul Food (part 5)

Today I like to show you two large blocks. The first one is called roots. Roots stands for all the learning experiences we have in life. It is written in woollen felt stitched onto the cloth with a buttonhole stitch.

Above the roots grows a flower, the visible part of all the experiences.

Detailed picture, so you can see two kinds of woollen felt, one bought in the shop and one felted by me. The stitches used are stem stitch, running stitch, bullionstitch and buttonhole stitch.

That's all for today. I'm off stitching some more. Have a creative day!!!


Soul Food (part 4)

Today I have two blocks for you. The first I want to show you is 47, it is done in a cross stitch. The cross stitch is one of the first stitches I learned when I was a girl but haven't used it in ages therefore it was a joy to try it again.

My second block of today is a spoon. This one was a challenge because the handle is made out of a combination of stitches. In it is used a buttonhole stitch, an experimental knot, a french knot and a running stitch variation. The symbol spoon is important to me which I already explained in this post and Alex also made a lovely post about it.

Hope you like what I served you today. Have a lovely day and I'll see you soon.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Soul Food (part 3)

Today I have four small symbols four you. I photographed in such a way that you can see where I added them. The first two are the double cross and the bat both done in a backstitch variation.

The third one is special because that is my symbol of friendship, inspired by you. Two people meeting, the connection is a circle and the feelings they have for one another is spread in energy around them. Hopefully is it contagious so that other people would like to join or create a friendship like that for themselves. The circle is made in a stemstitch and the energywaves are made in bullion knot. The two people are made in a grensting. That is the Danisch name, unfortunately I cannot find the english name for it. So if you happen to know the English name than I'll hope you will share this with me.

The last symbol of today is a word written in runen, variation of the backstitch. It is the first time I write runen in purple and I have mixed feelings about it because they are always written in black or red.

Hope you like the symbols, have a wonderful day without thunderstorms.

See you soon.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Soul Food (part 2)

It's monday again and that means it is time to share some of the work I have been doing during the weekend. Didn't do as much as I wanted to but that is ok. Life is more than embroidery, although I'm totally head over heals in love with the piece I'm creating. She is so femine, so tender and lovely. Wish you all could see her grow for real and not just in a post. Well, today I want to share with you the shell I embroidered in a chainstitch variation.

A shell is a home, a place of shelter for a little animal. He doesn't want to be spotted but is still seen in all it's beauty because of his unique shell. The shell is strong, the weakness is the small opening which needs to be there in order to live. Being open is a neccesity for us human beings too but how often don't we want to hide?

Have a fantastic day and hope to see you soon.


Almost forgot. Thanks for all the lovely comments, they are wonderful. I'm so glad you are interested in this new project.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Soul Food (part 1)

Today I proud to present the first four blocks. Each block is marked with a running stitch to outline them and is filled with something symbolic.

For the first block I used a stemstitch. This stitch I also used a lot in my two books, Mystery and Listen to the wind.

With the drop of water I used a variation on the running stitch.

This one is made in the stemstitch again.

And the unique diamant of felt is sewed on with a buttonhole stitch.

Maybe you are wondering why I name the stitches I used, something I normally don't do. Well I get some questions sometimes about the stitches I use in a particular piece. It is very difficult to remember for me which stitch I used when. This piece will consist of 238 blocks and remembering each stitch is an impossible task for me. Therefore this small service for all your embroidery-lovers and my brain.

I decided not to explain each symbol but to give you the chance to give meaning to the symbols yourself. If you really interested in knowing the meaning I give to a particular symbol please ask.

Have been stitching all night and listening to the most beautiful music, a little taste of my soul food. Have a fantastic weekend and hope to see you monday.


Last night just before I posted this I listened to the concert of the Eagles, Hell freezes over. It was a wonderful concert and I'm very glad I heared it. Tonight I found out that it is banned. I'm sorry for this.

Soul Food

On monday I showed you my new book, Babel. In the meantime I have been to a local fleamarket and found a handwoven white tablecloth with blocks in them. I haven't been able to photograph it in such a way that you can see these blocks, so you have to take my word for it. When I saw it, I immediately thought about Babel and my old desire to make a quilt. So I am totally excited to announce a new project, which is very large. (The tablecloth is 1 m. and 20 cm by 1 m. 40.) The name for it is: Soul Food and it is gonna be an embroidery painting. Have assembled all kinds of woollen felt and every string of blue and pink I could find in my stash to embroider with it.

My working box is ready and I bought a lovely pink journal especially for the notes concerning this project. So the coming weeks I will be working on Soul Food and keep you up-to-date with it. Hope you will enjoy this process just as much as I already am.

Have a lovely day,


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Colours of the sea II

Last week I gave Colours of the sea too Marjoleine because I know how much she loves shells. Afterwards there was an empty spot on my windowsill. Had to make something, so I decided to make another colours of the sea. This time in the shape of a drop of water with a piece of embroidery in it. The circles stand for the air that is in the water, I imagined that the air was filled with a loving nourishment for the fish and those that enjoyed the water.

All the shells are found here on the beach, even that beautiful white one. The airbubbles I made with linen, silk thread and unfelted merinowool with the technique that is Karen's specialty.

So my windowsill is filled again with colours which are so dear too me. Hope you will have a day with sunshine and love in the air.

See you tomorrow.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Jim Houser

This journey in blogosphere started for me with Jim Houser. When I saw his artwork for the first time I fell in love head over heals. Started collecting photo's and interviews that were shared on the net and spent many happy hours looking and reading about the man and his artwork.

Last saturday a parcel arrived. My husband had bought me: BABEL. Babel contains a small interview with Jim and lots and lots of photographs of his artwork.

So this weekend was my Jim Houser-weekend. I spent hours looking, thinking, gazing, some reading, pondering over things, just being totally absorbed by it. Just love his choice of color, the text that totally blends in and his symbolism which I totally don't grasp.

So you lucky one's who live in Philadephia you can find his work at the gallery of Shelley Spector. For the rest of us, well we have the internet and we can find his latest work here.

Have a colorful day with lots of inspiration.


Thursday, May 14, 2009


Today I want to show you two lovely ladies who appeared in my moleskine. Still practicing to get a decent set of eyes. I wish I could draw eyes that sparkle and a face that radiant some joy. Well still have a long way to go. Hope your not getting bored while I have a great time sketching.

Have a great weekend with a lot of sunshine and friends. See you monday.


Meeting your past

This is one of the photocopies I got from Anneli. It was more than love at first sight. When I saw this piece of craftmanship I totally got absorbed by it, had to remind myself to breath. Maybe you think, Why? You all know that I can be carried away by symbolism, so now and than. This time I was run over by a truck. Because it felt like a kind of a mirror. The seed, the road of life and life blossoming but than the past gets in the way. The seed cannot blossom fully because of some hurdles that need to get cleared away.

So you understand that I had to make this piece. Used the woollen cloth and the linen yarn I got from Anneli. Have no idea what the runen signs mean but I loved stitching them.

If your symbolism-button tells you something differently, please let me know. Just love to hear your explanation.

Have a fantastic thursday!!!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Inspiration brought by a friend

Another parcel arrived on my doorstep the other day, a very large envelope filled with the most amazing goodies.

There were a lot of colours.

A lot of lovely things for embellisments.

All kinds of linen, cotton and woolen fabrics.

A book to learn a little bit more about calligraphy.

And the most amazing photocopies of helleristninger and all kinds of scandinavian art. What can I say too all of this? THANK YOU, ANNELI.

Have a wonderful day and run for the mailbox, who knows!!!!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And the winner is ....

On the 26th of april I won for the first time a give-away. JOEPIE!!! This is not just any give-away but the one of Karen. Karen is very talented and knows so well how to handle a needle. She makes the most beautiful pieces and I am so lucky that I won two buttons and some fabric. Have to confess, I held a party for one.

Two detail pictures from the buttons. Are they not precious? If you're not familiar with Karen's work visit her blog or her etsy-shop, you won't regret it, I promise.

Karen, thank you so much and I wish you lots of success with the Makey Do in July.

Have a wonderful day, enjoy the sun.


Monday, May 11, 2009

What's for dinner?

It feels so long since I did my last post. First a couple a friends came from the Netherlands to visit, we had a lovely time but my body was given the first signals of influenza. Sick or not I had to take care of the rest of the family who also became ill. I hardly worked the influenza out of our house or another bunch of friends came for some days. That was great, the weather was gorgeous which means beach/fishing time. But now it is monday morning again, peace has been restored and I can spent some time with you guys for which I'm grateful. First let me thank you for the hot soup and all the kind thoughts you sent me, it was a wonderful medicine. Thanks a lot.

This week I want to start with a project I have been thinking and working on for a long time. Thinking about it started in mid january when I read/saw a post from Cathy with her spoons. This is the comment I wrote:"The spoons are gorgeous. You did an excellent job. It is kind of a statement to use pages of a literary novel because it raises awareness of on all the things that we are “eating” everyday."

The thing about "eating everyday" is something that keeps coming back to me. So much information and images, wanted or unwanted, are entering my daily life. Do I want to hear this? Do I want to see this? Do I want to be influenced by all that is aired one way or the other? How can I protect myself from this overload? The result of all of these thoughts is this spoon of felt. The spoon is made of three colours of woollen felt, red, yellow and orange. I choose these colors for this pin because I want to feed myself with energy, optimisme, friendship.

Some old habits are gone, some new arrived. It is a slow process but at least my awareness is rising of what society puts on my plate.

Have a monday filled with good stuff.


Friday, May 1, 2009

A cuff

Today I want to show you the last item I made for the the 'Julie'-project, a cuff with a stone-button. Pinky and the crocheted stone were inspired by the work of Margaret. So I decided to make also something inspired by mother nature, to show her beauty.

During the holiday last year on Langeland I collected all kind of stones with holes in them. This one I like a lot because it has such a rich texture and lovely colours. Because the holes are so perfectly situated I was able to make a large button out of it. Hope you like it.

This is the last post of this week. Thank you all for visiting and commenting. I don't know exactly when I will be back next week because we have friends over from the Netherlands (Holland).

Hope to see you soon. Have a fantastic weekend and a lot of sunshine.