Friday, April 17, 2009

Craftmanship IV

Today I show you my version of an illustration of the book called Vikingernes Historie from James Graham-Campbell.

This piece I will use in the blanket-project later on this year. Well I hope you enjoyed your week here at Landanna. Thank you all for visiting and commenting.

But before I leave, I have a question for all my readers. Is there someone who writes Polish because I need some help with a translation. If you happen to have this skill please send me an email or leave a comment so I can contact you.

Have a fantastic weekend with a lot of sunshine. See you monday.



julochka said...

hi elizabeth--thanks for stopping by to visit me. i saw your comment on turning*turning and meant to check you out yesterday, but got busy.

i'm really inspired by viking motifs at the moment as well. love your stitching here. for me, it's the helleristninger at the moment. and i always love the lines of the vessels at the roskilde vikingeskibsmuseet.

do you read sotto voce? ( polly is polish, tho' i don't want to volunteer her on her behalf. :-) it might be a lead on your polish translation needs. otherwise, when my cleaning lady gets here, i could ask her. :-)

happy weekend!

Mary said...

Blanket project? Oh yay!! Something to look forward to...

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Julie, just posted Polly. So hold your fingers cross.

Godt weekend.

ger said...

Blanket project sounds interesting to me, too... Thanks for stopping by at Gerdiary!
P.S. And I like the blue flower petal dress...

tangled stitch said...

Hi Elizabeth. What a lovely stitchy interpretation of such beauty! Both of the pieces are very beautiful.

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh I like this one is wonderful that you are taking a bit of history and making it into a textile piece for future use! Beautiful job cutting and stitching!!!