Monday, April 20, 2009

Sketch of a woman

Saturday I felt like sketching, so I followed my urge and this woman appeared in my sketchbook. I wanted to work with shades to add more movement. Later on a funny thing happened. I took the first photograph while the sketch was lying in the sun. The display on my camera gave me an almost blank picture so I thought I did something wrong and continued photographing in an area without so much sun. This morning I downloaded the pictures from the camera and surprise, the first picture turned out exactly right.

And two detailed pictures without the enhancement of the sun.

Have a fantastic day filled with sunshine.



Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Hello again, Elizabeth -

I'm finally back, and I've just been reading all the postings you've done inbetween - wow!

I love this sketch - you're improving so fast, and it's really great!

And I like that Viking motive so much too, it looks very interesting, with the embroidery on the cut out figure. Did you cut it with a craft's knife or with scissors? Have you tried Sara's technique, "burning" it out with a soldering iron, using acrylic felt (which melts - wool doesn't)?

Funny, just this week-end, a friend of mine showed me that Youtube-video with Susan Boyle - she's got a terrific voice, and the performance is absolutely touching ... Do you know this one as well?

Have a great week, dear Elizabeth - and see you soon!

tangled stitch said...

The sketches are great and I loved the process. Happy sunny day.

Pursuing Art... said...

This sketch is wonderful...I so enjoy seeing your work. Isn't it hard sometimes to get a good picture...oh, I still have a hard time with that. ~wink~

Keep sketching!!! ;-)