Friday, April 3, 2009

Quotation week day 5

The post of today is very special because it made a very long flight. It made a journey over the rainbow to Landanna.

The quote was written on the parcel. The secret of life is enjoying the passage the passage of time.

During the flight their was some music on board.

Spring was in the air.

And a lot of goodies were in the parcel were lots of goodies, I never knew that so much could fit in a small box.

Beading will be my new challenge.

An encouragement to keep drawing.

Wonderful music from James Taylor.

Beautiful pictures for my inspirationbook.

Handwritten notes with all the encouragement anyone can wish for.

And than last but not least this beautiful Dotee doll as sign of friendship.
I was totally speechless while I was opening this gift and overwhelmed by the generosity in encouragements and gifts. Lisa, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Well, this is my last post before the Easter holidays but before I goodbye I want to thank everbody who stopped by and all those who left a comment or wrote an email. On tuesday the 14th of april I will be back and hope to see you all again.

Happy holidays!!!



Blue Mountains Mary said...

have a wonderful break..

thank you so much for your love and support - it has meant so much..


karen said...

happy holidays to you too Elizabeth!

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, Elizabeth...I hope you enjoy it. I had such a great time putting a gift together for you!!! Hope you will try adding a bead to your stitching...I bet you will enjoy it.

Have a wonderful Easter holiday with your family and we'll see you on the 14th!

Hugs to you...~Lisa

tangled stitch said...

Happy Holidays! What beautiful treasures!