Thursday, April 16, 2009

Little lady

Before you do anything I want you to click here and enjoy!!!

Some weeks ago I overheard a conversation between two teachers talking about aquarel pencils and I thought that's nice. Than last week while I was in the Netherlands (Holland) I found a store in my hometown with more supplies than I could carry. So while I was browsing around I found this set of aquarel pencils.

While I was holding this box with pencils the only thing I could think of was dresses. I know, I am a little strange sometimes.

Made some sketches of different dresses during the holiday and as soon as I got home I made these two dresses in aquarel pencil.

But no this wasn't what I felt in the store. So yesterday I started sketching again and this little lady appeared.

So I took my aquarel pencils and colouring pencils out and started colouring which I love to do.

The small details in the face are pencil, the eyes and mouth are coloured with colouring pencils and the rest is coloured with aquarel pencils and later brushed with a little bit of water.

You still can see the sketch beneath the colouring.

I like the result because I used different pencils and each of them gave a different touch to this little lady which made her more "alive".

Did you start with the song? I hope you have because Susan Boyle is sending shivers down my spine and let butterflies fly in my stomach for the last couple of days. Maybe we can all realize that talent comes in many forms and it doesn't matter what age you are or how you look like it is talent that counts.

Have a day filled with your talent.



tangled stitch said...

The lady is fabulous(both ms boyle and your lovely lady). You are so right we do need to worry about talents and not what's out there on our bodies. Beauty is only skin deep but talents are with us every single day.

B said...

Oh! I've watched the Susan Boyle thing so many times and I love it! The judges' faces! And she sings with so much feeling...
Your lady is great too! :)

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, yes...I saw this and it is so moving...she has the most beautiful voice and she is a beautiful person inside and out! She has a true talent and beauty of spirit. It saddens my heart that people keep judging people on appearance (their outside) in this, heart and soul and talent all lie within! She is as special as Paul Potts...did you ever see him or hear him??? Oh, my...they both were given the gift of song!!!

I love your new lady sketch and with color too! Fun, Elizabeth. I like the dresses you sketched also.

XO ~Lisa