Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Fingerknitting is the latest craze in the Netherlands (Holland) at the schools. Sounded like fun and therefore I had to try it. So I went to Youtube and found the instructions in english.

This is the frontside.

This is the backside, which I folded open so you could see it more clearly.

This is the backside in his 'natural' state.

For this experiment I used merino wool with pink organic cotton but you can also use just one thread. You can use this technique to make a bracelet, a scarf, a belt or you can incorperate it in another project. For me it could be in a painting in the style of Jim Houser. Maybe you have a totally different idea how you would like to use it, let me hear about it.

Have a lovely, experimental day!!!



julochka said...

my child does this all the time (we're talking many skeins of yarn here), but what do you DO with them afterwards? any ideas?

Just Jules said...

This is neat. But, what to do with it? Wouldn't it be fun if one could sew it together in a rug or basket... something? hmmmmm.
Looks like something to do when one is antsy

Elizabeth said...

Like I said in my post, you can make a scarf, a belt, a bracelet, incorporate it in another project or braid strings together.

Any other idea is more than welcome!!!

tangled stitch said...

It's lovely Elizabeth. Sounds like fun(cords for a bag for the other uses)

julochka said...

weaving them into a basket might be interesting...we've got meters and meters of the stuff at our house!

Pursuing Art... said...

Very cool...I haven't heard of fingerknitting before! It turned out great. I like your ideas of how you can use these! Maybe homemade ribbon for a package...

~Lisa ;-)