Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Craftmanship III

The image above is my workcopy which I made from the book of J. Romilly Allen. It is a spiral ornament from the Book of Durrow.

I´m really grateful I found this old historybook on celtic art in the library. On one hand I feel like a copycat and maybe it would be better to make my own designs. Than again if I don´t make my own version of it just a very few people would see these images.

It is a real challenge for me to make these small embroideries because the originals show so much craftmanship. So I forgive myself and practice my embroidery stitches with love.

And I hope that the pictures bring you just as much joy as the making process brought me.

Have a day filled with love.



Mal* said...

Lovely post, great pictures, but as always I really enjoy reading about your process. Hearing how you give yourself permission, you try new things, you push yourself a little... it's just wonderful.

Mary said...

I am always amazed not only by your work but the thought, care and research that goes into it..

tangled stitch said...

Elizabeth these are lovely and spiritual and I just love them! Thank you for making them and sharing them as they send out good mojo(in beautiful living color) to the masses.

Jackie said...

Thanks for your comment. I was just looking through your blog and found this. What a coincidence, I did a piece from the book of durrow. Its on my blog somewhere.

Pursuing Art... said...

I *love* it! How wonderful to use an historic piece of art and make it new and your version. Don't feel like a copycat...I think it is wonderful to share historic art! It always amazes me to see the art from so long ago! Your stitching is beautiful and you have wonderful craftsmanship. I don't think you need to forgive yourself...your stitches are full of love, Elizabeth!

I really love seeing the stitching you do and look forward to seeing how you will be putting them together one day!