Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Craftmanship II

During my holiday I made a few lovely pieces from the book Celtic Art in pagan and christian times of J. Romilly Allen. Maybe you remember an earlier post of this book called Craftmanship.

The original is a pierced marble screen found at Ravenna. While I was making this piece I realized how much effort the man or woman did put in his or her work. It must have been a very talented person. Unfortunately I can't make a picture of the original because the book is in the library and the copy I made is heavily damaged.

I want to thank everybody for stopping by last week and the lovely comments while I was away.

Have a warm and sunny day!!!



Carol said...

Your are right about how talented they were. But I think we might give more of our talented time to needlework, sewing, beading etc if we didn't have TV, Computers and easy transportation.

tangled stitch said...

Wow these are beautiful and spiritual and working on them must have been a joy!

Pursuing Art... said...

This is beautiful and so intricate...I just love it!!!

I hope you are you family had a nice Easter holiday.

I meant to let you know that on your sketch cover...where it got creases on the Ultrasuede from its journey...you can take a piece of cotton and lay it on top and iron the suede on a low setting and the creases should come out!

Hugs to you...~Lisa ;-)