Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Colours of the sea

Today I want to show you a piece I made with the shells I collected last summer. Sometime ago I showed you already two other pieces but this is a more elaborate one. First I made a spiral of clay. When it was dried I made different piles of shells according to their size and glued the shells on the spiral.

Pink shells are really rare find here in Danmark.

Really love this piece because the colours and different patterns are so beautiful.

Have a great day!!!



B said...

I love them! I'm always collecting shells and then I don't know what to do with them!

Mal* said...

That's amazing and so textural. Will you hang it?

Elizabeth said...

Now it is laying at the windowsill but I can also hang it on the wall. When I also glue shell on the back I can also hang in front of a window. It is something really easy to make, so if you have some shells laying around just try it.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

That's really a wonderful idea, Elizabeth! I love collecting shells as well, but it's hard to find a "non-kitschy" way to mount them - but you did! Did you use air-drying clay or have you had it burnt in a ceramic oven?

PS. Thank you so much for your mail as well! I will get back on that tomorrow!

tangled stitch said...

Elizabeth these are so beautiful. I love them. Thank you for your spiritual kinship!

Elizabeth said...


The clay is air-dried. That was the only thing that took "forever".

Pursuing Art... said...

I adore this,'s just beautiful and full of color and texture! I collect seashells, agates, and heart shaped rocks and used to make seashell boxes. I love that you made a spiral (represents change and growth) out of clay and glued them on! What a treasure to enjoy. Aren't shells just nature's gifts and such unique little homes. The pink shell is so pretty too. ~Lisa