Thursday, April 30, 2009

It is pink again

This is one of item I found in the thriftshop this week and I couldn't leave it there.

This is what the inside looks like.

This is what the outside looks like.

And than there is the finished product, a little bag for a doll. It is gonna be part of a present for someone who designs dolls. Believe this is my pink-week, I can't get enough of it. Tomorrow, if all goes well I have a very special pink item to show.

Have a lovely pink day. See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Crocheted stone

Today fase two of the "Julie"-project. After Pinky I thought now I have to see if I also can cover a stone completely. This is the result of that experiment. I started with making the star and crocheted along. At a certain point I thought: What about the backside? I never held a crocheted stone before so I have no idea how the back should look like.

So I decided to crochet a peace-sign on the back. If you happen to have crocheted stones, can you tell me a little bit about the backside?

Hope you will have a peaceful day.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Fingerknitting is the latest craze in the Netherlands (Holland) at the schools. Sounded like fun and therefore I had to try it. So I went to Youtube and found the instructions in english.

This is the frontside.

This is the backside, which I folded open so you could see it more clearly.

This is the backside in his 'natural' state.

For this experiment I used merino wool with pink organic cotton but you can also use just one thread. You can use this technique to make a bracelet, a scarf, a belt or you can incorperate it in another project. For me it could be in a painting in the style of Jim Houser. Maybe you have a totally different idea how you would like to use it, let me hear about it.

Have a lovely, experimental day!!!


Monday, April 27, 2009


Pinky is born. Pinky is a lovely, little fish swimming in the pond of Landanna.

Last friday Julie asked me if I made crocheted stones. My answer was no but I know how to crochet. During the weekend I thought about it and challenged myself. So while my hubby started the bbq, I took a crochetneedle, some yarn and a stone from our very large collection. Just started it and this little one was born just before dinner.

I want to thank everybody who visited last week and for all the comments. It is such a joy to read them and I'm grateful for the time people spent at Landanna. Hope you enjoyed your stay!!!

Have a great week.


Friday, April 24, 2009


This is a teardrop envelope I made for a teacher at the school of my boys. This lovely Polish woman with a big heart turns forty next week and that fact is bringing her a lot of tears. When she told me that I decided to make her something special. So I designed a teardrop-envelope for her to symbolize her tears. And although her favorite colour is black I went deliberately for pink and purple. The pink I used as an expression of kindness and the purple as the colour of acceptance.

The button is made with the technique spool knitting and is filled with a pipecleaner.

Last friday I asked if any of my readers could write Polish. Julie responded and sent me over to Sotto voce. Before I continue, I would like to congratulate Julie first on receiving her BoN this week. CONGRATULATIONS Julie!!!
So fridaynight I visited Sotto Voce and met Polly. Polly responded very kindly too my request and helped me to write a little Polish note to wish her happy birthday. Thank you so much, Polly and now I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hope she will like the gesture.

Another week has gone by, which I spent doing the things I really like to do and sometimes my time was whisked away by things I just need to do, all of this with a smile on my face and singing along. Hope you also had a great week with a lot of creativity and sunshine. Before I leave, I want to thank everybody who stopped by and visited Landanna.

Have a fantastic weekend filled with sunshine and if you leave a comment I'll stop by and visit your place.

See you on monday!!!


Thursday, April 23, 2009


For some time now I have been wanting to make a symbol for longing. Because some questions are living inside my head which I cannot answer. What is longing? Where does it come from? And most of all why is it a bittersweet emotion. Have been browsing the net but I couldn't find something that forfilled my need. So I made a sketch and this is the explanation I read in it. The core is a part of the soul. All our experiences makes our soul move and is giving bulges and these bulges are given us the emotions.

Do you have another explanation or symbol? Please, let me know. I just want to sort this out somehow.

I couldn't resist the temptation to embroider the sketch and it had to be in blue of course.

Leave you today with the wish that you will get the day you always longed for. Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Colours of the sea

Today I want to show you a piece I made with the shells I collected last summer. Sometime ago I showed you already two other pieces but this is a more elaborate one. First I made a spiral of clay. When it was dried I made different piles of shells according to their size and glued the shells on the spiral.

Pink shells are really rare find here in Danmark.

Really love this piece because the colours and different patterns are so beautiful.

Have a great day!!!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Craftmanship V

This is the last piece I made in the series of Craftmanship during my Easter holiday. The illustration is also from the book Vikingernes Historie from James Graham-Campbell.

On the dark green felt I used four different stitches and two different colours so the bird can fly into the blanket project.

Have a lovely day and let inspiration fly into your work.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Sketch of a woman

Saturday I felt like sketching, so I followed my urge and this woman appeared in my sketchbook. I wanted to work with shades to add more movement. Later on a funny thing happened. I took the first photograph while the sketch was lying in the sun. The display on my camera gave me an almost blank picture so I thought I did something wrong and continued photographing in an area without so much sun. This morning I downloaded the pictures from the camera and surprise, the first picture turned out exactly right.

And two detailed pictures without the enhancement of the sun.

Have a fantastic day filled with sunshine.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Craftmanship IV

Today I show you my version of an illustration of the book called Vikingernes Historie from James Graham-Campbell.

This piece I will use in the blanket-project later on this year. Well I hope you enjoyed your week here at Landanna. Thank you all for visiting and commenting.

But before I leave, I have a question for all my readers. Is there someone who writes Polish because I need some help with a translation. If you happen to have this skill please send me an email or leave a comment so I can contact you.

Have a fantastic weekend with a lot of sunshine. See you monday.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Little lady

Before you do anything I want you to click here and enjoy!!!

Some weeks ago I overheard a conversation between two teachers talking about aquarel pencils and I thought that's nice. Than last week while I was in the Netherlands (Holland) I found a store in my hometown with more supplies than I could carry. So while I was browsing around I found this set of aquarel pencils.

While I was holding this box with pencils the only thing I could think of was dresses. I know, I am a little strange sometimes.

Made some sketches of different dresses during the holiday and as soon as I got home I made these two dresses in aquarel pencil.

But no this wasn't what I felt in the store. So yesterday I started sketching again and this little lady appeared.

So I took my aquarel pencils and colouring pencils out and started colouring which I love to do.

The small details in the face are pencil, the eyes and mouth are coloured with colouring pencils and the rest is coloured with aquarel pencils and later brushed with a little bit of water.

You still can see the sketch beneath the colouring.

I like the result because I used different pencils and each of them gave a different touch to this little lady which made her more "alive".

Did you start with the song? I hope you have because Susan Boyle is sending shivers down my spine and let butterflies fly in my stomach for the last couple of days. Maybe we can all realize that talent comes in many forms and it doesn't matter what age you are or how you look like it is talent that counts.

Have a day filled with your talent.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Craftmanship III

The image above is my workcopy which I made from the book of J. Romilly Allen. It is a spiral ornament from the Book of Durrow.

I´m really grateful I found this old historybook on celtic art in the library. On one hand I feel like a copycat and maybe it would be better to make my own designs. Than again if I don´t make my own version of it just a very few people would see these images.

It is a real challenge for me to make these small embroideries because the originals show so much craftmanship. So I forgive myself and practice my embroidery stitches with love.

And I hope that the pictures bring you just as much joy as the making process brought me.

Have a day filled with love.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Craftmanship II

During my holiday I made a few lovely pieces from the book Celtic Art in pagan and christian times of J. Romilly Allen. Maybe you remember an earlier post of this book called Craftmanship.

The original is a pierced marble screen found at Ravenna. While I was making this piece I realized how much effort the man or woman did put in his or her work. It must have been a very talented person. Unfortunately I can't make a picture of the original because the book is in the library and the copy I made is heavily damaged.

I want to thank everybody for stopping by last week and the lovely comments while I was away.

Have a warm and sunny day!!!


Friday, April 3, 2009

Quotation week day 5

The post of today is very special because it made a very long flight. It made a journey over the rainbow to Landanna.

The quote was written on the parcel. The secret of life is enjoying the passage the passage of time.

During the flight their was some music on board.

Spring was in the air.

And a lot of goodies were in the parcel were lots of goodies, I never knew that so much could fit in a small box.

Beading will be my new challenge.

An encouragement to keep drawing.

Wonderful music from James Taylor.

Beautiful pictures for my inspirationbook.

Handwritten notes with all the encouragement anyone can wish for.

And than last but not least this beautiful Dotee doll as sign of friendship.
I was totally speechless while I was opening this gift and overwhelmed by the generosity in encouragements and gifts. Lisa, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Well, this is my last post before the Easter holidays but before I goodbye I want to thank everbody who stopped by and all those who left a comment or wrote an email. On tuesday the 14th of april I will be back and hope to see you all again.

Happy holidays!!!