Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Book of friendship

Today I want to show you the first page of my third book named Book of friendship. After making the painting of A cycle of friendship I wasn't quite finished with this subject. Mary had a special posting about rituals and that made me think about rituals of gratitude towards our friends. During our lives we meet many friends and each of them add something special to our life. Sometimes we say thanks or I love you but often enough we just take the joy they bring for granted.

The question was: "How can I keep these special moments alive and treasure them?"

So I created a small toddlerbook to celebrate the friendship I have with a very special person. I choose a toddlerbook because that makes it easy to add pages.

The first page is a tulip, a flower we both love. I choose a yellow tulip because yellow for me is the color of friendship.

In the detailpictures you can see the different yellows and a little pink in the flower. In the stem and leave you'll find several greens because there are always colour nuances in flowers as in friendship.

There are many ways we can celebrate the friendships in our lives. A celebration like this gives you a chance to reflect on the friendship and when a friendship comes in stormy waters you have this momentum which may help to solve the problem instead of saying goodbye.

Now I want to end today with a Dutch song. Tulpen uit Amsterdam (Tulips from Amsterdam). It is the original recording sound of 1957 sung by Herman Emmink. The first line says: If springs comes I will send you tulips from Amsterdam. Please watch it because it is such a merry song and you are served many beautiful pictures from Amsterdam and tulips.

Enjoy your day!!!



Blue Mountains Mary said...

The sweetness of this post and the lovely old Dutch song truly brought tears to my eyes.

Thank you dear one!

dutchbaby said...

Ik krijg heimwee als ik dit liedje hoor. Mooie fotos ook.

EvaForeva said...

Hi there!
Thanks for the comment! I love the idea of a friendship book! Your work is beautiful!


Pursuing Art... said...

This is a wonderful and a lovely keepsake and token of your friendship! I love the tulip and what is represents. Your stitching is beautiful. Thank you for sharing the Dutch song with us too. ~Lisa ;-)