Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Today's post is a new and improved teacozy. It is gonna be a present for a girlfriend who's teacozy was destroyed while washing.

So what did I change? First I used the chainstitch differently, secondly the fastening is different and I made it with 4 layers to make sure that the tea will kept hot for a long period of time.

Because I changed the fastening I was forced to use buttons. When I designed it I didn't think this would be a problem but it became one because I couldn't find the right size in this babyblue color. So that challenged me to make my own button, I used a pipecleaner and some babyblue cotton yarn to make one.

I kept the idea that you can turn it inside out and the collar to fold it the way you like it.

To find black buttons was not such a big problem.

If you can't remember what the first one was looking like, click here. Tell me which one you like best or what you think I still can improve on it.

Have a sunny day like me today. See you tomorrow.



Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Hi Elizabeth, that's a very nice tea cozy - I like especially that you can turn it both ways! I like your first one as well - I think it always depends on what kind of teapot you use and your overall kitchen colours ... Maybe I'll manage to do one for myself as well, but I think I would punch mine with the embellisher ...

I've had so little time for reading blogs and posting lately - but now I've read you postings which I had missed. You really are busy and creative, Elizabeth!

All I can think of at the moment is spinning - it's a new challenge to me! But I'll be back with 'normal' things again, too - at least after Easter, I hope!

And you know what? I have your cushion here right beside me and it always reminds me of you! I really appreciate this beautiful gift!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Anneli.

Pursuing Art... said...

These tea cozies are so cute...I like them both! I love that they are reversible. Four layers is sure to keep your tea hot. And, that was a brilliant idea to make your own button using a pipecleaner and cotton yarn! I don't think you need to improve them...they are delightful! And, your friend is absolutely going to love hers! ~Lisa