Thursday, March 26, 2009


For awhile now I follow the blog of Karen. She really knows how to handle a needle, something I'm still trying to learn. Today I want to show you the challenge I made up for myself. I call it the lifeline because it is wobbly enough just as life itself.

This challenge I have not completed succesfully. So I need to find some new books on embroidery techniques and study them. Until than I keep on reading Karen's blog and try to figure out how she does so well what she does.

I hope you will be interested to see how this new leg of my journey will develope itself.

Have a great day.



urban craft said...

From what I see, you know how to handle a needle fairly well yourself. I like you blog, nice read.

Pursuing Art... said...

I know that you handle a needle very well! I am interested to see how your journey develops. I enjoy seeing what you are working on and your lovely posts!

~Lisa ;-)

karen said...

Hi Eizabeth. Thanks so much for the comment and this mention. It's truly appreciated. Karen

tangled stitch said...

Very nice Elizabeth. I think it's great and you know how to handle a needle very well.

tangled stitch said...
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