Monday, March 2, 2009

A cycle of friendship

Today's post is another painting in the style of Jim Houser. I took four stages in a friendship and tried to symbolize them.

The first one is two lives entering a friendship and grow/learn together.

The second one is the road they travel together and the things they learn from each other. I used pink quartz which stands for love, peace and harmony. And the purple stones are amatyst which gives the person the courage to put ideas into action. The two persons involved both scoop up the things they need.

Unfortunately not all friendships last, their joint heart breaks and all the memories erupt.

For a while they feel the need to protect themselves. I used some silkpaper to protect the hearts because silk is really soft but at the same time really strong and gives the heart a chance to breath.

I really liked working on this piece and it is sparkling of energy. Therefore it is really unfortunately that we have such grey weather which makes it very difficult to shoot a decent picture. But I hope you enjoy the idea behind the painting.

Have a day filled with friendship.



Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Dear Elizabeth,
I very much like the way you express thoughts and feelings in a textile way, carefully chosing symbols and techniques ... Great!

julochka said...

hi elizabeth--thanks for stopping by to visit me (or should i actually be thanking dutchbaby!). :-) i love the symbolism in this one...the broken heart with all the little threads is especially powerful!


Pursuing Art... said...

I love this painting in felt about friendship! The symbols are beautiful and I love the pink quartz and amethyst you used! The stitched piece under the Jim Houser a beautiful piece too, Elizabeth!