Thursday, March 5, 2009

Book of friendschip part 3

Today's page is a symbol for our love for Ireland and the celtic heritage. Last night I read at wikipedia that a shamrock is a white three leaf clover but somehow I always associate deep green and a four leaf clover with Ireland.

My girlfriend plays the tin whistle and you already know that I love celtic knots and history . A tin whistle is an irish flute and last night I found a beautiful song and gorgeous pictures especially for you, it is called Visions of Ireland.

Throughout the years I have also written some poetry in dutch, which I won't share because I find it impossible to translate it. But I learned something also last night while I was on the internet which surprised me. I found a site on Gaelic poetry and read that Gaelic poetry is cyclic which is exactly the kind of poetry I have written. Loved that surprise, it is like a little miracle to me. Cyclic poetry means that the first and the last word of the poem are the same. Here is a beautiful example.


Undressed trees stand shivering
as flimsy shifts blew away;
the last leaves are quivering,
till they too will drop, decay.

Under bark’s rough covering
grow tiny cells in wonder-
blooms to be, still hovering,
kept safe from autumn’s thunder.

Dreams of spring are flowering
in darkened night’s soft caress;
lovers cuddle, showering
moist kisses on skin, undressed.

©Leny Roovers

Have a beautiful day and I hope you will find a little miracle yourself today.



Blue Mountains Mary said...

How gentle you seem to me - with your love of poetry and music and creating.

Although there is a wonderful wild side to the Irish as well - which I am sure you love too..

Elizabeth said...

You bet I am!!! Celebrate life is the most wonderful thing.


Pursuing Art... said...

This shamrock is the hearts that make it up!

I love Visions of Ireland! Oh, I have dreamed of seeing it one day! My sister-in-law is Irish and goes almost every year for a month. I love their music, food and traditions too! Oh, and Riverdance too! ~wink~ ~Lisa