Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blue girl

Last week I needed to make something in the colour blue. So I collected all the blue pencils and started drawing. The challenge to draw with a colourpencil is that it is very hard to remove it totally when something doesn't work out.

I made a drawing of a whole face but unfortunately it is raining cats and dogs here and making a decent picture is a big challenge. I took a whole serie but only this one is almost ok.

There is sunshine in her eyes, just something I wish for today.

See you tomorrow.


UPDATE: It is snowing outside.

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Pursuing Art... said...

I know what you mean that it is harder to erase with color pencils versus graphite/pencil. And, I sure know how hard it is to get a good picture! I seem to get my best shots outside too, but we get lots of rain and it makes it difficult.

Your sketch today is really good! I like the 'light' in the eye. There is sunshine in her eyes!!!

~Lisa ;-)