Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A new day, a new technique

A new day, a new technique. Some weeks ago I stumbled upon something so gorgeous that I couldn't leave it. The material Starfirestudios uses in their objects is glass and although that is not the material I work with I would love to attend one of their classes. A case of love at first sight. So I have been thinking how I could use layering with felt. The result is a pin with a drop of water, the element for all life.

And now the announcement of the second winner of the give away week. The winner today is Anneli of Bockfilz Congratulations!!! Please send me your address and this present will be sent to you. If you also want one of my objects you still have the chance just leave a comment on the remaining posts of last week.

Enjoy your day.



Pursuing Art... said...

Hi Elizabeth...I am a friend of Grace's and wanted to come by and visit and say hello.

Your artwork and stitching is lovely! I enjoyed reading and looking at your blog. Denmark is beautiful and so are your pictures. I will come back again and visit!


Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Hej Elizabeth!

Thank you! I'm absolutely delighted to hear I won the beautiful crocheted cushion(I will pop over to your profile and email you right away!)

But first I just wanted to say that I find it very interesting how you're searching for a way to translate the glass design into textile media. I like this kind of 'transfers' in material too.

If you like wetfelting, you could try felting in glass marbles into the felt, then cutting up the felt bubbles for the glass to show ... I've seen it somewhere, and it looked quite stunning ...