Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kachina dolls

Today I would like to tell you a little something about Kachina dolls. Centuries ago, native american indians began carving Kachina dolls as a teaching tool for children.

The elders collected their knowledge in the “Kiva” or ceremonial room where they communicated with the spirits. What the spirits taught the elders was then illustrated to others through the spirit Kachina doll carvings.

Kachina dolls are visual representations of the invisible spirits that assist in the rigors of life.

This is the talisman I made after reading about it. Her name is Blessed because blessed are those that can receive. It is one doll with two different sides. The green side stands for earth and the blue for the spirit world.

Hope you will have a day full of blessings. See you tomorrow.



Blue Mountains Mary said...

I am always very touched by what you write of here and what you are inspired to make.

Blessed indeed.

mknace said...

nice & impressive

Pursuing Art... said...

Blessed is wonderful!!! I enjoy the two spirits you and spirit! I am familiar with Kachina dolls and your representation is great. This is a lovely doll for a child...~Lisa ;-)