Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kachina dolls

Today I would like to tell you a little something about Kachina dolls. Centuries ago, native american indians began carving Kachina dolls as a teaching tool for children.

The elders collected their knowledge in the “Kiva” or ceremonial room where they communicated with the spirits. What the spirits taught the elders was then illustrated to others through the spirit Kachina doll carvings.

Kachina dolls are visual representations of the invisible spirits that assist in the rigors of life.

This is the talisman I made after reading about it. Her name is Blessed because blessed are those that can receive. It is one doll with two different sides. The green side stands for earth and the blue for the spirit world.

Hope you will have a day full of blessings. See you tomorrow.


Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today I created an excursion to the Diné or Navajo. A few weeks back I found some really beautiful sandpaintings and got again intriged by them again. So I have been reading a few evenings about their history and art and created my version of a sandpainting.

The sandpaintings' principal colors-white, blue, yellow, and black-remind Navajos of the Four Sacred Mountains bordering their traditional homeland. These mountains and some of their associations are:

White Shell Mountain (Sierra Blanca Peak, Colorado): white-east-dawn

Turquoise Mountain (Mount Taylor, New Mexico): blue-south-day

Abalone Shell Mountain (Mount Humphreys, Arizona): yellow-west-twilight

Coal Mountain (Hesperus Peak, Colorado): black-north-darkness

The bird is the liason between the earth, the red colour, and the spirit world. The bird is embroidered in the same colours and the body is filled with fly-stitches. Thank you Anneli for this idea.

Their are a number of explanations on the internet I choose this one from the collectorsguide, if it is the wrong one please let me know.

Have a colourful day and may all your relations walk with you.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Nature is calling

I love drawing and colouring spirals for years now and that is why I decided to embroider one. The colours of this one are two variations of green which symbolizes the earth and blue stands for heaven, it is embroidered in two different chainstitches.

Today I also want to give you an update on my lychee project. The little plant is still alive and growing although painfully slow when you look each day if something happens. We are all very proud of it and the children get so see the developement of a large tree.

And now it is time to announce the last winner of the give away week. The winner of the friday give away is: Lisa of Pursuing Art. Congratulations Lisa! Please send me your address and I will mail the raffia peace embroidery as soon as possible.

A big, big thank you I sent to all of you who left a comment. I really appreciate it because this gave me a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and see new blogs. Thank you all!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and hope to see you monday.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

A touched heart

Today's post is inspired by a conversation I had some time ago about women, silence and the path of life. The patches are the places were the heart is touched. I placed the wire with the beads around the heart as a symbol of the path of life with it's challenges.

We'll give away day 4 was the most popular and now it is time to announce the winner of the two flower envelopes. The winner is: Mary of Bluemountainsmary. Congratulations. Please send me an email with your address and I will send you the envelopes.

Now it is back to work. I hope you all will have a warm and sunny day, that is what I long for.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

To honour my babysteps

Today I have a special post for you. The title sounds a little strange maybe but let me explain. Yesterday I had a "conversation" with Elsita over at Bill's place about the questions he had posted in relation to the book Wonderful life of Stephen Jay Gould. This made me realize even more to honour every experience, every part of my learning process. And therefore I decided to share a something of my learning process in which I don't feel confident because that is a part of any journey.

So and now over to the winner of the give away day 3. The winner of today is Grace of Gracebeading. Congratulations Grace. There are two days left of the give away week. You still can participate, just leave a comment on the remaining give away days of last week.

Have a wonderful day and give some thought to your own babysteps.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A new day, a new technique

A new day, a new technique. Some weeks ago I stumbled upon something so gorgeous that I couldn't leave it. The material Starfirestudios uses in their objects is glass and although that is not the material I work with I would love to attend one of their classes. A case of love at first sight. So I have been thinking how I could use layering with felt. The result is a pin with a drop of water, the element for all life.

And now the announcement of the second winner of the give away week. The winner today is Anneli of Bockfilz Congratulations!!! Please send me your address and this present will be sent to you. If you also want one of my objects you still have the chance just leave a comment on the remaining posts of last week.

Enjoy your day.


Monday, February 16, 2009


In the library I found a beautiful book with the title Celtic Art in pagan and christian times of J. Romilly Allen. The picture above is a page from the book with an image of a late-Celtic bronze mirror from Trelan Bahow, Cornwall.

In the pictures above and below you can see how I pay tribute too the craftmanship of the man or woman who made this wonderful piece.

Well after this small historical trip I also have to announce the winner of the give away of last monday. So the first winner of my first give away week is: Gracebeading. Congratulations. Please send me an email with your address and the envelope will be flying in your mailbox.

For those who still want to participate in the give away week, you can by leaving a comment on last weeks posts.

Have a wonderful day.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Give away week day 5

On this friday the 13th I wish you all a peaceful day. The gift of today is special because it is the first I made with raffia. Embroidery with raffia!!! The stitch I used is called a french knot.

Some detail pictures.

If you would like to win leave a comment and the winner will be announced next friday.

This was the first give away week. I enjoyed making all the objects and each is special to me.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you on monday.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Give away week day 4

Today are there two lovely small envelopes with flowers.

The first envelope has two flowers. Their hearts have a little filling and their stems are made with a similar technique as I used with the celtic heart.

The green lining is similar to the large envelope on monday.

On the second envelope are tiny little flowers.

The lining is pink which makes it really cute.

And the last detailpicture.

If you would like to receive them in your mailbox all you have to do is leave a comment. The winner will be announced next thursday.

Have a great day.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Give away day 3

Today's give away is a little eggcozy with a symbol. The fun thing is you can turn in inside out and than you get the opposite colors. The eggcozy is made in the same style as the teacozy.

If you would like to win this little cozy all you have to do is leave a message. The winner will be announced next wednesday.

Have a sunny day.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Give away week day 2

This is a small pillow with a crocheted piece sewed on. When I saw this beauty in the thriftshop I had to take it home.

You can also use it to stop the draught from a small window.

If you would like to be the winner of today all you have to do is leave a comment. The winner will be announced on tuesday 17th of february.

Have a great day.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Give away week

This is my first give away and that is why I decided to make 6 objects and send them into the world. So althrough the week you can leave a comment. I love to hear from you and the winner of today will be announced on monday the 16th.

The object of today is a large envelope.

A detail picture from the tree which is made of cord.

The address on the envelope has a special meaning. Treehouse, I would love to live in a house made of wood. Orchard 4, I have a very small orchard with 4 small appletrees.

The apple is the stamp.

I realize that the pictures are unfortunately a bit dark but it is winter and that means lot of grey days.

Enjoy your apple today that keeps the doctor away.