Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tree of life

In the post of Celtic heart I already told you that I found the site of Cari Buziak. On her site there is also a colouring book and there I found the tree of life in a mandala.
In a drawer there was still a large woollen blanket waiting to be decorated and because I liked the tree a lot I made a similar one. Around my tree there are leafs that have fallen down. Each leaf has a message and the idea was that each message would be absorbed by the earth and given back when new leafs arrive. I'm longing for spring again and this is a little reminder for myself that the leafs will come back again, just have to be patient.

Some detailpictures so you can read the words on the leafs.

Have a great tuesday.


1 comment:

Blue Mountains Mary said...

what a truly beautiful idea - I love the idea of doing something like this with white on a grey blanket..