Thursday, January 15, 2009


Something totally new for me, an envelope made out of thick felt. This is an experiment and there is much to improve on but I like the idea. So I'm thinking about making a serie of different envelopes with different styles and topics. This envelope could become a model for valentine's day.

Some detail pictures.

The heart is made out of wood. I bought several of these hearts almost four years ago. That summer holiday we visited the island we now live on for the first time. I found them in a shop with all kind of really nice stuff. Although I never found a place to fit them in but now I'm very happy that I kept them.

Let me hear what you think of the idea.

Till tomorrow.



Cathy said...

I like the envelope idea - there are so many possibilities for embellishing, using fragments of surprising materials...... Cathy

Blue Mountains Mary said...

Lovely idea - to slip something loving inside the envelope and as Cathy has said - the possibilities for embellishing the outside are endless..