Monday, December 15, 2008


Christmas is just around the corner and like everybody we are busy with our preparations.

For me christmas is about peace. Peace of mind, peace in the daily dag and peace in my dreams. Native americans have a beautiful symbol called a dreamcatcher to ensure sweet dreams. I made such a dreamcatcher with a small peacebird flying in it as a reminder.

Some years ago I also made dreamcatchers for my sons and at night I reminded them of it by saying a little poem I had found on the internet.

Sleep well sweet child,
Don't worry your head,
Your dreamcatcher is humming,
Above your bed.

Listen so softly,
I know you can hear,
The tone of beyond,
Close to your ear.

Love is alive,
And living in you,
Beyond all your troubles,
Where good dreams are true.

Have a peaceful day.


1 comment:

Blue Mountains Mary said...

That is such a beautiful poem.

My little Margot would love it..

I need to find her a dreamcatcher...