Friday, December 12, 2008

Blue scarf

This scarf I made last year and I am really happy for it because it is cold in Danmark this time of year.

The reason I show you this scarf is because it is a reminder for me to buy enough yarn before I start a project. I made that mistake last year which gave me a lot of extra work because I had to redue a number of blocks. You can't really see it very well in the picture but I used three different blue's in it. Inside the dark blue is slightly darker light blue than on the outside. It is made of satincotton and it feels warm and soft.

This morning I saw that maybe I will get to a similiar problem. The last few days I have been working on a painting called twin spirits and now it looks like I don't have enough of one colour. So I'm keeping my fingers cross and hope I can finish it otherwise I have to restart.

Have a beautiful day.



Blue Mountains Mary said...

I adore crochet and this scarf in blue and white is lovely.

Red and white would be great too.

Do you remember where you found the pattern?

Blue Mountains Mary said...

OK - I see now _ i looked at the photo - really just a number of small granny squares together - very lovely!

money said...

I wonder is it a chinese art?

Elizabeth said...

Mary and Money,

The scarf is build up around three blue's. In the middle one, than there is a dark blue and than another babyblue. With the two babyblues I had to work because I bought not enough yarn from one of them.
With these three colours I made five different granny squares which I laid in a pattern.

Your right such a scarf with red would be stunning.

Have a great weekend.


Blue Mountains Mary said...

I will bookmark this Elizabeth because it is such a great idea. I often get bored with really big projects but this would be small enough to keep me interested and very useable too..

money said...

i can't find anything about granny squares in wikipedia.But i know a little about it afer you explain.