Thursday, November 13, 2008


This collection of the sea I made as a present for a babygirl. Living on an island means that the sea is always really close and will influence your live. So that is the reason I choose these images, the buttons are made from shells which add to the concept.

Hope you like it.


The face

The inspiration for this face was found in my a drawing my son made. He was four years old when he made this face and I loved it. So I decided to put it on felt and share the result with you. Hope you like it.

Have a great day.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mysterybook (4)

Here am I blinded by my love for embroidery. It is more a sketch than a real drawing but I like the way it manifested itself.

The picture below shows the details of the title. All the titles of the book are made with this stitch.

This is the last page of my book. I hope you liked the series.


Mysterybook (3)

This drawing was inspired by aboriginal artwork. The title dialogue is chosen because this represents a non-verbal conversation for me.


Mysterybook (2)

This page shows you different kind of stitches. Every stitch is done with a different kind of yarn which makes the difference even bigger. I called this page energy because of the waves and the interaction they have with each other.


Mysterybook (1)

A drawing was the start of this embroidery journey. Below you can see the drawing I made with my hoop next to it.

The picture below shows you some details of the embroidery.

Until next time.



Today I have chosen a special project I want to show you. It started really small with my desire to improve my drawing and embroidery skills. So without any concept I started drawing and put these efforts onto felt. After some time I realized it was like a little story.
Today I show you the titlepage of "my book", I called it Mystery because life is a mystery to me.



This is an idea for a different kind of giftwrapping. This gift is made for a friend who loves being at the beach. The giftbag and the friendly, little seamonster are made out of felt. The cord is from cotton with some seashells.

The gift is a styrofoam ball on which the seashells are glued on. This is a way to show the beauty that mother nature has in store for us because shells aren't shells. They are little houses with their own identity because each shell has his own pattern, colour, size and life before they ended onto the beach.

Have a great day.


felt bird

Today I'm gonna show you a collaboration between my son and me. The picture above is made by my son at school. It is made on styrofoam, this he used later to make a print. With his inspiration he inspired me and my effort you can see below. I love the drawings of children, there is such a pure essence in them.

Have a beautiful day.