Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Sample book; page 6

My last page in the series of Anni Albers. My most extensive one, it took me 15 days to complete it and yes, I stitched every day. I knew before I started that it would take a long time, I even contemplated if I wanted to invest so much time it one page. I'm glad, I did. And for those who like to watch a video, I even took the time to make one while stitching one of the easiest rows.

Enjoy the slow process ... :-))

Til next time!


Monday, August 26, 2019

Sample book; page 5

This picture of another woven piece of Anni Albers was my starting point. I love the solid weaving against the open area's.

Started with the cross-stitch base. Just like on the previous pages I used the cross-stitch for the solid woven parts. After that it was time to fill in the gaps.

Slowly but surely the page was filled with stitch.

The change in colour is due to the moment when the page was photographed. Love to photograph when the sun goes down because one gets such a lovely golden look over everthing.

Now it is time for my thinking cap again.

Have a grand start of your week!


Friday, August 23, 2019

An experiment

This experiment was made after the mishaps in the Sample book. Just something to stitch and see if it could work. It works fine but there is more to be done with this idea.

Oh well, one step at a time.

Enjoy yourself.


Thursday, August 22, 2019

Sample book; page 4

This photograph, another weaving of Anni Albers, turned out to be a stumble block. What was the stumble block? Well, some days I just want to stitch. No drawing, no pricking, no tinkering, just stitch. Unfortunately, it was time to create a new page and I really wanted to use this photograph. So I started drawing but it felt so difficult to make a translation into cross-stitch. In the end I decided to draw an easier pattern, it became bullion knots in squares.

Now I wasn't ready to drop the ideas I saw in the photo.

My intention was to fill the space between the rows of squares with needlelace and pinpricking. But when two of the needlelace blocks were finished, I knew it wouldn't work. Why not? The dark purple was way too strong in conjuction with the squares. 

Therefore this page will remain unfinished but in the book and on a later date I will re-try this idea. What did I learn? Learned something about colour and preparation in advance, so I can stitch when that's the only thing I want to do.

Have a fabulous thursday!


Monday, August 19, 2019

A colourful mandala

After all the white of the white series I wanted to do something with colour again. This little mandala is the result. Finished it already a week ago but realized that I hadn't written a post yet. It is really strange because I do like the result and at the same time I hesitate to pursue this further. Maybe the papers aren't interesting enough or it feels like more of the same? Never mind at some point I will make a decision about it.

Enjoy your evening.


Thursday, August 15, 2019

Sample book; page 3


This is one of the pictures I found in the book about the work of Anni Albers. Love this piece because there is so much to see and lots of different textures.

And this is the result in my sample book. It is difficult to see but one the left side each cross-stitch has two purples and each one lays at the bottom in one row and at the top in the other. I like the effect. Maybe I need to make another picture, so I can share that with you too. Will add it tomorrow because it is dark now.

Enjoy your evening.


As promised the detailpicture so you can see the change. The three on the right are stitched similar, in the one on the left the colours are changed around. I really like the effect and it is also an example of colourstudy. 

Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Sample book; page 3

Just a little peak today in the samplebook. 
Still looking at the work of Anni Albers and giving my own twist to it.

Have a lovely time with your own stitching projects.