Monday, December 4, 2017


Just heard that the two pieces that I entered for a curated exhibition have both made it. And so another exhibition opening this weekend.

Wish me luck!



Yesterday I went to a local ice-sculpting festival and got the chance to make these detailpictures. So which in colour and textures, they made me very happy, even the artist who was still working on it noticed it. The artist is Susanne Ahrenkiel, you can find more about her here.


Monday, November 27, 2017


It is well over two years since I joined the class Wrapped and bound in stitch. 

Finally I can tell you that I finished this project.

Is it so big? Nope, just 53 x 65

Why did it take so long? I had to use the sewing machine.

But in the end I did finish it and it will become a lovely gift to a dear friend.



Just a stitch

Just a small reminder for my archive. A double cross-stitch, easy to do and it gives a lot of texture. The light in this picture wasn't fantastic and therefore I turned it into a black and white one. 

Enjoy yourself.


Thursday, November 23, 2017

Buttonhole stitch books

Two small books are ready. The buttonhole stitch is the main stitch but used in different ways. 
These booklets are made just to try to expand my understanding of the stitch and push the envelope in the use of this stitch. 

Enjoy yourself


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A surprise visit

A discussion reminded me of my plates and that there was one plate I hadn't made yet. Last September this piece and when it was finished I thought about using the leg technique on a plate.

And so I started immediately to make that plate, love bullion knot projects. But after the third bullion knot I realized that it wouldn't work in the same way. Now I could have discarded the little project or restart and make the bullion knots even larger. These are 60 wraps long.

Instead I fastened the third one on the plate and restarted the next one. The result you can see in the pictures, I am totally happy with it. The plate looks very different than planned, still I love this border. 

And so it became a succesful revisit of my paper plate project.


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A little diversion

Lavender was on my mind when I dyed some cotton with an elderberry dye. I don't dye that often but being out and about collecting elderberry while walking on my favorite paths here on my isle felt very satisfying. And I love the different shades that came out of the process.

Decided to use some of the dyed fabric to make lavender sachets. Not that special but it is lovely to make something that simple and useful.

Five pieces are now making my clothes smell like ... lavender! :-)

Enjoy your week.